I got into photography in 2008 when I bought a half decent camera to photograph my kids growing up. I caught the bug almost instantly and have enjoyed it as a hobby ever since. I like to photograph pretty much everything although nature photography is where my passion has always been.

I live in Devon, UK and am lucky to have such great countryside, woodlands and coastlines just a short journey from home.

I’ve always been more left-brained than right-brained. The science and maths behind photography has always come easy to me but it’s the artistic side I always struggle with and always try to improve.

I put this photoblog together to keep me motivated and have somewhere to show them (I don’t do Instagram!). I created it in 2020 and filled it with some of my more favourite photos I’ve taken over the years and look forward to adding to it.

I hope you enjoy the photos and thank you for dropping by.

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